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Custom Home Builders Melbourne

Imagine going home to a house that you’ve designed yourself. You walk in the front door, and the design, spaces and layout are exactly as you imagined, hoped and planned they would be. It truly is your dream home. How amazing – and refreshing – would it be to work with qualified, professional custom builders and project managers who truly understand your vision, and work with you to create the perfect home for your lifestyle and family?

Generic, one-size-fits-all designs offered by many custom builders don’t always take into account today’s individual lifestyle goals and needs. Whether for newlyweds, an active family, or a retired couple, lifestyles change over time. Your home should be able to reflect your changing needs and be designed for the long term, not just for now.

By choosing Busby Homes you can create your own design with the guidance and assistance of one of Melbourne’s leading custom home builders. Our strengths lie in our attention to detail and complete professionalism from the ground up – literally. From those actually building your home to those who have worked with you at the design level, you can feel confident that your home – your haven – reflects and supports your individual style and living.

At Busby Homes we understand that it’s a big step to consider designing your own custom home. We want you to be confident and comfortable in the knowledge that not only are we skilled and experienced builders: we are good listeners. We’re as passionate as you are about seeing your dream home come to life, with your style, budget and lifestyle at the forefront of the entire process.

Contact a Busby Homes builder about our tailored design options today and start making yourself a home to be at home in.


why custom build?

Designing your own home is exciting, where you’re only limited by your imagination. You may already have ideas about what you want in your new, custom designed home. Or this may be your first encounter with designing your own home and have no idea where to start. With us, you have the chance to create a bespoke home that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Melbourne…


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questions about building

  • Which areas does Busby Homes build?
  • Does Busby Homes build on narrow blocks?
  • Does Busby Homes build on slopes?
  • Can we change or modify Busby’s designs?
  • Does Busby Homes offer fixed price contracts?
  • How do I know what is included in the price?


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Sue Moss
Having made the decision to rebuild after the bushfires of 2009, I chose Busby Homes, initially because of the caring and sincere customer service. I am delighted with my home, with the attention I received throughout the process, and with the timing and efficiency of completion. The few very minor issues after completion were dealt with promptly and pleasantly. With Busby Homes rebuilding for several families in a small community, I am happy to say that each house design is different and caters for individual tastesand needs.


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Your Dream Home

Have you been searching through generic house designs without finding “the one”? Maybe it’s time to start designing your own.

Perhaps your priority is large bedrooms with space for the kids to grow in and have their friends over, or to have a spectacular retreat as your own haven? If you are an avid cook, an indoor/outdoor entertaining area would be perfect, as would a thoughtfully-designed kitchen. When you design and build with us, you will find that all of your requirements are achievable…


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