5 Signs You Need to Build a New Home

5 Signs You Need to Build a New Home

When you moved in your first home, it was likely perfect and well suited for you and your partner. It must have been an exciting time to decorate your new home and plan for the future! But as you start growing a new family, you’re bound to need more room for additional family members, a dog, and a bigger space to entertain your guests. Over time, as life evolves and your work situation changes, your needs change as well and you may start noticing the following signs of needing a new custom home.


  1. 1. Overcrowded or Too Much Empty Space


The available space in your home should roughly match the amount of furniture and the number of possessions you have. Look around your current home. Are you running out of space for your things and are you starting to feel cramped? Do you have furniture lining your hallways? Is it a challenge to find anything because your house is so cluttered? Maybe it’s a sign that that you need to declutter and review all the possession and things that you are keeping. However, it’s also a common indicator that you don’t have sufficient space to store everything. If you had more breathing room, you’d find it easier to tidy up and find a place for everything.

On the other end of the spectrum, have your kids moved out and do you now find your house too big for you and your partner? If you have multiple spare rooms that are rarely or never used, you should consider downsizing into a smaller home. Living in a large, empty house isn’t cosy, and it certainly isn’t economical. From the property taxes to the monthly energy bills, you’re spending money that you could use somewhere else.


  1. 2. Escalating Signs of Disintegration


Houses age just like people. Some grow old gracefully. Some fall to pieces quickly, depending on the quality of the original build. As houses grow old, things start to need constant repair or stop working altogether. Leaking roofs, ongoing plumbing repairs, electrical wiring issues, loose handrails, sagging floors, and dampness and mould — all require money to fix, sometimes a lot of money. Would you rather take that money and invest it into a smaller and cosier, brand new home?


  1. 3. Value of the Property Has Increased


If your existing home has remarkably increased in market value you have a number of options. If the house is old and the land is the driver of increase in market value, you have the option to renovate the house or do a knock-down/rebuild. This would further enhance the property value, especially if it is a custom designed home.

Depending on your home appraisal results, you may be able to sell your existing home, build/or buy in a cheaper suburb and have a lower mortgage and more money in your pocket. If you choose to build the house you have always dreamed of owning, rather than buying an existing house, a custom designed home built by the right quality builder could provide a handy nest egg for the future. It won’t deteriorate in value like many of the McMansions and project homes being built today. So, you have the pleasure of living in a home you love and a bulwark against devaluation overtime.


  1. 4. Desire for a Home That Better Fits Your Lifestyle


There’s nothing wrong with yearning for a big change in how you want your home to look and feel like, or longing for a beautiful living space that better suits your lifestyle. One sign that you should consider a knockdown and rebuild is if you frequently feel you can’t engage in activities you’d like to pursue, like crafting or working from a home office. A home that better fits your lifestyle and interests will enable you and your family to fully express yourselves and enjoy the comfort of a new space that is more tailored to your needs.


  1. 5. Need for a New Location


When you first moved into your neighbourhood, you were probably satisfied with the area. Over time though, places change and life presents you with other options. Maybe you have a new job opportunity, but the commute would be too long if you stay in your current home. Why not upgrade to a custom home closer to work so you can take advantage of lesser travel expenses, a higher pay, and better career opportunities?


If you find yourself ready to transition into a new home from any of the reasons above, why settle for a home that is designed for everybody when you can have a home built just for you? A custom home build will reflect your needs and your personality, and can grow with you as you transition to the next phase of your life. Contact Busby Homes to discuss a knockdown and rebuild, or a custom home built on a lot of your choosing around Melbourne. Don’t waste another minute in a home that no longer suits you or your family. Call today!

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