The Challenges and Possibilities of Building on Sloping Ground

Houses built on slopes come with their own set of unique challenges. These kinds of blocks may not be for every person or every budget, but if you decide to take the plunge and have your house built on sloping ground, there are a number of benefits that will be presented alongside the challenges.

Busby Homes are masters at sloping block house designs in Melbourne, so we’ve put together the challenges and possibilities that come with these projects so you can decide if it’s right for you.

The Challenges

The flatness of the land, and the quality of the soil affect the cost of building. Unfortunately, sloping blocks increase the cost of building, because the cost of excavation, slabs, footings, and foundations will be higher than they would on flat blocks. Sometimes this cost can be balanced against the cost of the land since a sloping block of land will be cheaper to purchase. It is important to make these calculations before going ahead with your land purchase.

Another challenge that needs to be considered when building on sloping land is designing a house that works with the slope to minimise excavations and retaining walls. This means looking at options for split levels stepped up the slope, building on stumps or having a combination of slab and stumps.

The Possibilities

With the challenges also comes the imaginative possibilities, and these might just make all of the extra expense of building on a sloping block worth it.

With sloping ground, your home may have to stunning ocean viewpoint or looking over a wild Australian landscape.  Even when you don’t have those type of views building on sloping ground allows you to build split level homes that are different to surrounding single and double storey and provide a unique and attractive street appeal.

Additionally, having your home built on sloping ground allows for greater ventilation, more fresh air, and an increase in natural light. These factors all result in a more energy efficient home because they decrease the need for artificial light and temperature control.

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