Federation Homes

Federation style homes are an Australian classic, found all across the country and remains widely popular for their charm and stylish while homely look. These types of homes are typically constructed using bricks and red terracotta roof styles. However, weatherboard cladding and metal roofing can also be common, as well as a combination of all these materials, especially when the home is higher than a single storey.

Busby Homes is one of Melbourne’s foremost federation style home builders. We have executed high-quality federation style inspired custom projects all across Melbourne. Our focus is on properly capturing the vision you have for your home and handcrafting it with the utmost care and attention to detail. This means designing and building from scratch rather than using generic templates. We want your home to function and look exactly how you want it to.

Our Approach to a Federation Style Design

Are you looking for the charm that a classic style period home provides with modern architectural sensibilities? Federation style inspired homes are an excellent choice.

Whether you have a good idea of exactly what you want your custom home to look like or need assistance from our expert design consultants regarding features of the house and materials, we can advise you and help achieve your dream home. Something that meets all your design and functionality requirements.

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Ready to get started on your custom home design? Get in touch with one of Melbourne’s foremost federation style home builders today. As low volume builders, you can be sure we give your project the close attention and care it deserves at every step, working hard to perfect it from initial design to the final build.

Discover our capacity for design options by looking at our diverse range of previous projects here, where you’ll find federation inspired homes as well as many other styles. Contact us online today.