Hampton Style Homes

Combining a casual relaxing beach look with a touch of class and sophistication, Hampton style homes are luxury weatherboard homes that originated on the east coast of the USA. Considered use of texture and beautiful proportions are hallmarks of this style, which today is a highly sought-after style in neighbourhoods across Australia.

If you’re looking for a delicate and timeless approach to architecture that combines all traditional and contemporary design, the Hampton style home is perfect for you. At Busby Homes, we build custom Hampton style homes across Melbourne. Our focus is on truly capturing the vision you have for your home and handcrafting it with the utmost care.

Why Choose a Hampton Style Home?

Weatherboards are a key design feature of Hampton style homes. Busby Homes uses advanced cement composite weatherboards that are popular for their durability, versatility, and affordability. Weatherboard has a certain old school charm to it and is seen on homes all across Australia. Weatherboard also has environmental benefits since they cool quickly in summer, reducing the thermal lag typical of brick veneer walls

The Hampton style weatherboard look is ideally suited to sloping sites. It is lightweight construction, meaning it can be used to clad houses build on stumps without the cost of excavation and footings associated with trying to build a brick home on sloping sites. When it comes to design aesthetics, the versatility of weatherboarding offers endless options.

Our Weatherboard Home Builders Are Here to Help

At Busby Homes, we’re proud to build bespoke homes with a difference. Unlike many other builders who claim to take a customised approach only to tweak pre-existing designs, we offer a truly tailored service with each home individually designed.

We can achieve this because we are a low volume builder that gives each and every project the attention to detail it deserves. From the initial design consultation through to the end build, we’ll manage the project from start to finish. We also offer knock down rebuild services as well as designs and builds on sloping blocks.

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