Home Extensions

Thinking about home extensions for your Melbourne property? Read this first!

There comes a time for most homeowners when they question whether they’ve got enough space. More children, older children, pets, new hobbies, a love for cooking, a busier social life – there are many reasons why it might be attractive to consider adding more bedrooms, lounge rooms, or open plan areas. What most people don’t realise is that it often costs the same (if not more) to add a home extension as it does to knock down and rebuild.

Especially when built onto older homes, extensions often look mismatched; it’s easy to tell the original building from the new wings or storeys. In addition to aesthetic issues, home extensions come with a range of maintenance issues over time as one part of the property ages faster than the rest. At Busby Homes, we believe in getting things right the first time, and never compromising on quality. That’s why we always remind our valued clients that with building anew, the benefits include:

  • No hassles with connecting old and new plumbing in the home extension
  • No stress over mixing old (and possibly dodgy) electrical wiring with new wiring
  • An all-new roof that is seamlessly connected
  • All rooms and living spaces can be scaled to your needs
  • Opportunities to incorporate modern amenities and living spaces incl. larger garages
  • Dramatically improved energy efficiency vs. older building materials
  • Little to no maintenance, as everything from the walls to the fixtures is brand new
  • Complete freedom to create a layout that reflects your needs and style
  • That unforgettably fresh feeling of being the very first people to live in a new home

Don’t compromise on your dream home. Contact Busby Homes online, or call (03) 9761 5444, to discuss custom building options.