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How to Build the Home You’ve Always Dreamed Of

At Busby Homes, we often see customers coming in and deciding to build their house based on the cost per square metre. They want to know how much to build a house in Melbourne and the cost to build a custom home, then design their house accordingly. But to us, this doesn’t make sense.

This process is only appropriate if you are comparing prices for exactly the same house designed and built the same way. Building a home is isn’t like buying a camera, vehicle, or television where exactly the same models can be compared on price. In building a custom home the excellence of the design and quality of materials and craftsmanship are as important as price.


Factors That Affect the Price of Custom Homes

If you’re building a new home, you may be faced with questions similar to: “Which house is better, the one that costs $1500 per square metre or the one that costs $2100 per square metre?” It’s impossible to tell without gathering more information.

Homes contain hundreds of different materials. There’s carpet, bricks, tiles, taps, sinks, paint, timber, glass, and more. And all of these materials come in different quality. Not only do the type and quality of materials vary, but so do the skills care and supervision  necessary to install them during the construction process. All of sudden, the variances in price can seem infinite.

This is before we even consider the design process. One house may be a huge box-like structure, and another may be small and full of corners and grand architectural features. To compare the two based on cost per square metre alone is near impossible.

Hypothetically speaking, if we take a house that is 225 square metres and designed it to be a square, you would be left with 15 metres of wall on each side for a total of 60 metres of exterior wall. If you were to design the house as a rectangle of the same square metres it would have a 10-metre width and a length of 22.5 metres. You would now require 65 metres of wall, thus increasing the cost 8.3% on the walls alone.


Beginning Building Your Home Today

At Busby Homes, we don’t encourage cost per square metre comparisons for these reasons. They are essentially meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Instead we recommend that you determine what you budget is then come and work with one of Busby Homes expert designers to determine the best way to achieve the vision of your dream home with that budget.

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