Inspiration For Your New Home Design

Inspiration For Your New Home Design

The Best Sources Of Inspiration For Your New Home Design

Believe it or not, the best place to find design inspiration for your new home is the home you are currently living in.

When thinking about the design of your new custom-built home, there are multiple sources of inspiration. Our custom home portfolio, display homes built by volume builders, architectural magazines, Interior design content and multiple online sources such as Houzz and Domain provide a great starting point for your ideas.

Your Current Home As A Source Of Inspiration

One of the best places to look for inspiration is your current home. This is a fantastic source of inspiration if approached in the right way. Take a walk through your current home and note things that you like and dislike as well as ideas that come to mind during this creative process.


The Like, Dislike, Need And Want Quadrants

Before you start your walk-through, you need to do a little preparation first. Draw up an A4 sheet of paper with four quadrants and label them: “Like”, “Dislike”, NeedWant”.

Ideas that go into the Need Quadrant are those items where there is a conflict between your current lifestyle and the current house design. For example, one person in the household may have a hobby or job that results in muddy clothes, shoes and equipment. If these are stacked up outside the back door or cluttering up your laundry, then you would put a note in the Needs Quadrant for a mud room or even a shower and toilet in the laundry room. Another example could be boxes of collectables stacked up against a wall in the spare room or elsewhere. Here you might put in the Needs Quadrant “An organised storage space for my collectables”.

Ideas that go into the Wants Quadrant would be those things that you have always thought would be a great addition to your dream home but are not essential. For example, an open fireplace or a walk-in pantry.


Think Of The Activity, Not Just Space

So now you have your sheet prepared, start your walkthrough. When going from room to room, don’t just look at the room layout but also run through your mind of the daily routines that may occur. Ask yourself, what do I like about this room, what don’t I like, what is missing, what is functional and what is not functional.

Let’s take an example of the master bedroom ensuite; here you might note that you have cans of hairspray on top of the vanity because they are too tall to fit in a drawer or cupboard? You could find that your towel rails may be too small for your large bath towels? Another example could be your kitchen; here you might like the width of the breakfast bar, but dislike the island bench as it doesn’t have any power points for all your appliances?


The Result – A Great Starting Point

During this process of going through every room in your house and making a comprehensive list, you will discover exactly what you want and don’t want in your new home. This is a great starting point to prepare you for talking to your custom home builder about the design of your new home. This list will give you the confidence you need to discuss exactly what layout and features your new home must have, and equally the layout and features you do not want in your new home.


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