Knock Down & Rebuild

Sometimes it’s best to knock it down and start again and here at Busby Homes we understand the scenario’s. Staying where you love. You’ve become attached to the location and know everyone in your neighbourhood. You live in the preferred school zone for your kids who have also made friendships in the area. So, you don’t want to move and nor does anyone else in your family, but if everyone’s unhappy with the layout or style of your home and it desperately needs an upgrade, what do you do? Achieve the best of both worlds with a knock-down rebuild. Buying into an established suburb. Is it time to move due to your current house no longer fitting your needs? Whether it’s a growing family, dependent parents, older children moving back, or you are downsizing. Whatever the reason you need to move, but you don’t want to live in a new housing estate on the fringes of Melbourne and you don’t want to buy a house that doesn’t meet your needs in the inner suburbs.   These scenarios are prime examples where an ideal solution is to build a completely new home, by knocking down the existing house and building from scratch in the area you love. Generally in the long term a “knock down & rebuild” can be more cost effective than a large renovation/extension project. Busby Homes is an experienced knock down rebuild builder in Melbourne; experts at creating dream homes in the suburbs our clients have grown to love. With a knock down rebuild, homeowners can get the property they really want without the hassle of looking and moving elsewhere. Contact Busby Homes Today to discuss your options further.