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Spending More Time with Your Home Builder

Many people who are building a home for the first time may believe that working with their custom home builders is as easy as it looks on reality television. This is never the case. Custom homes take many months to design and specify properly. Expert luxury home builders or custom home builders in Melbourne must follow a set and lengthy process to ensure your home is exactly the way you would like it.


Choosing Your Designer

It is important to ensure you pick the right designer for your job. Finding a builder who designs and builds is important for a number of reasons. You need to find a custom home builder such as Busby Homes that has a design team that will work with you over an extend period to help you clarify your design requirements and vision for your new home.


Requirements Analysis 

The first step in any design process should be a requirements analysis. This means the designer spends time with you to lead you through a process of clarifying your vision and determining the design requirements that are important to you. A good custom home builder like Busby homes has a design approach that considers your lifestyle and current and future wants and needs.


Site Analysis

The second step you should expect from a custom home builder is a site analysis. The designer must collect as much property information as possible to understand the opportunities and challenges presented by your block. This means obtaining a survey, soil test and planning data that shows what planning overlays apply to your land. The designer should also spend time with you on the actual building site itself.


Concept Designs

The next thing custom home builders like Busby Homes will do is to come up with a concept design presented as a sketch plan for you to have a look at. You should expect to spend time with your designer through multiple meetings reviewing and developing the sketch plans.


Design Development

The design development stage is when you work with your designer to produce full sketch plans showing the floor plan and the front and side elevations of your finished concept design. It’s hugely important to spend a significant amount of time with your designer during the development process. This is the part of the process where all of your designs are finalised and laid out so they work together to create the perfect dream home. Playing a large role in this process is key to getting a home that you’re happy with after the build is complete. You can spot issues as they arise and make last minute adjustments as you see opportunity for them.


Finalisation and Pricing

A good custom home builder will then produce a final set of sketch plans for your review and approval. Spending time with your designer at this stage enables you to make sure that the design is exactly as you wish it to be.  To aid in this process, good custom home builders like Busby Homes present a 3D model that allows you to walk through your dream home so you can see what the design will actually look like when the build is complete. Once you are satisfied with the design and approve it, the plans and drawings are then sent to expert estimators who finalise the cost of building. This is then presented for your approval.



The final design step is to develop the Home Building Contract. This is when all the exact colours and specifications for your new home are finalised, and final changes are made in the design. Based on this, the contract drawings and specifications are developed and the building contract is presented to you. Once you have signed the contract, construction drawings are prepared and the actual building process starts.


Get in Touch with Busby Homes Custom Home Builders

At Busby Homes, our team of townhouse builders believe you that should be spending more time with your home builder than you may think. It’s important to be heavily involved in the design process to ensure your home is exactly the way you want it. Get in touch with Busby Homes online today.

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