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Top Five Mistakes in Custom Home Building

Finding a custom home builder and creating your custom home design is an exciting time. You’re getting the home of your dreams made unique to your specifications. As exciting as it is to design a custom build house, there are some common mistakes that need to be avoided. These are the top five mistakes to avoid when working on a custom-built house.


Not Being Realistic on Cost

The cost to build a custom home is going to more expensive than a standard specification project home offered by a volume builder. There are good reasons for this, just as there are good reasons a tailored suit or dress costs more than a suit or dress bought off the rack. Too often, homeowners will focus on crude measures such as cost per square metre which do not consider the quality of the design, the quality of workmanship and materials.

This focus on cost means that homeowners discount the personal value of having a home specifically tailored to their lifestyle, their requirements and the limitations and possibilities of their block of land.


Not Building Within Your Means

We understand that building a new home is an exciting time, and this might be the only time you get this chance. This makes it very easy to overbuild and design a house that goes above and beyond your financial means. Make a budget that allows some freedom to get exactly what you want, but without going overboard. A good custom home builder like Busby Homes should have an experienced design team that can help you identify what is really important for you to realise in your new home design. A good design team can help you prioritise your needs and wants so you can achieve your vision for your custom home in the most affordable way.


Not Clarifying Everything and Having it in Writing

Make sure you know the entire building and design process of your home inside out. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, request more consultations, or do whatever you need to do to gain a thorough understanding of how your custom home is going to be built. Find a designer who communicates in a way you understand so there are never any surprises when it comes to the cost or process. Experienced custom home builders like Busby Homes should make sure that the design, colours and specifications are fully documented and spend the time with you to ensure you fully understand the documentation.


Not Being Patient

The reality is that as much as a designer and builder tries to stick to schedule, things are going to happen that delay the build of your custom house. In the design and pricing stages of the process, there may be delays caused by council planning issues or the requirements to schedule drafting or obtaining quotes. In the building stage, there may be delays caused by subcontractor or materials availability or by rework. It is important to understand that most often these delays are the result of your custom home builder ensuring that the design and build meet the quality standards you expect.


Not Recognising That Building A Home Is an Emotional Journey

When it comes to building a new home, you are taken on a creative, nerve-racking and rewarding journey from start to finish. Most home owners focus on the process and decisions dimensions and completely overlook the emotional dimension.

With all the decisions that have to be made, home owners may feel a variety of emotions. Thoughtful and considerate custom home builders should recognise this and help you deal with these emotions by consistent and accurate communication of information. In the end, however, the homeowner needs to accept that these feelings are normal. Building new home will be an adventurous journey with some ups and downs. But at the end of the journey, you will look back and think that it was all worthwhile in taking that first step.


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